Get Fit with K

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We had the pleasure of shooting dancer, model, personal trainer, instructor AND YouTuber, Kirsten Wojciechowski a few weeks ago and got the low-down on her busy, but active life. Who is Kristen? She likes to think of herself as a creative, smart, funny, bubbly, witty person that spends way too much time on YouTube! I… Read more »

If you do BBG, you’re most likely following ActivelyRees

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Reading Nikki’s answers back, I felt a little girl crush creeping on. When you get to the question about what a day in her life looks like, and learn what “POWER HOUR” is, you will understand what I mean. But maybe what I am crushing on the most is that Nikki, or ActivelyRees to the BBG community, is just another everyday mum living… Read more »

Your not so average run club – Charlie Dark talks Run Dem Crew

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There will be days in life when you meet a person who will change your perspective of things; it’s these people who are going against the grain and challenging the status quo. Charlie Dark is one of these people, and then some. Learning all about his passion for running managed to ignite something inside me to pick up my trainers and… Read more »