Every active girl needs her go-to daily motivation to keep hustling through life. As we have just welcomed a fresh New Year, we wanted to share with you something that we have been working on to get you motivated and create a happy, healthy and focused mindset for 2017. The Little Black Book of Motivation is here to be your guiding light for times of need, and to remind you that no matter what happens, you’ve 100% got this!

Our contributors to the LBB E-book are dear friends and inspirations of Active in Style’s, and we can’t wait to share with you all of their tips and tricks to creating the best version of you!

The book is split into three easy-to-read actions:

Action One: An Active Girl Must Always Stay Inspired – Quotes and pockets of inspiration

Sharing is caring, and when you want to put things into perspective, nothing is more inspirational than a set of beautiful words strung together to create a ‘yes, I can’ feeling. This action will get you serious about flexing that self-belief muscle. A collection of inspiration and favourite quotes by Active in Style & Fearless Women.

Action Two: An Active Girl Must Always Find Time To Move – Fitness tips and workout routines

Fine tune your moves and get your booty in tip-top shape with cool HIIT combos guaranteed to make you get a little sweaty, plus discover the secrets personal trainers swear by when it comes to crunching, lunging and lifting.

Action Three: An Active Girl Fuels Her Body With Nutrient Rich Foods That Feed Mind, Body & Soul – Recipes and nutritional tips

Like chicken soup for the soul, eating a well balanced diet of wholesome foods is the key to sustaining a happy, healthy relationship with your body.  Gawk over delicious looking treats and healthy meals with recipes to inspire you to get cooking in the kitchen and clean up your mindset about what’s good vs. what’s not so good.

What are you waiting for?

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It can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or desktop with ease.

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Krissy Derrick

Krissy is the Marketing Manager and resident Hip Hop Yoga teacher at Active in Style. She is obsessed with activewear and all things health food and fitness. When she’s not doing a HIIT or yoga class you will find her reading a good book with a cup of tea (current obsession with liquorice blend).