There is no better feeling than fixing the state of post-workout hair. Every woman who has ever exited a hot yoga session or completed a morning run knows the feeling all-too-well. Yes, you may have just worked your butt off, your body feels amazing and your mind is clear, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for the situation on-top, especially if you have a meeting to dash-to or an appointment to make.

Just as freshening up with a slick of lipstick, a bit of blush and a swipe of mascara, alleviating some of the stress in the hair department can make you feel 100% ready to conquer a day head-on (pun intended). Whilst the luxury of popping into the salon en-route to work may be considered a luxury, we think we’ve found an answer that isn’t actually out of reach for the everyday London lady.



The amazing Clean Eating Alice rocking a Duck & Dry up-do


Introducing Duck & Dry – a chic #duckin service that works wonders with a catalogue of blow-dry services and up-dos (plus barista). Whether you have an up-and-coming event, feel like a freshen-up or simply want to treat yourself, Duck & Dry is your new go-to. We are big believers in balancing a wholesome active life, but scheduling in “me” moments amongst the everyday demands, busy calendars and family commitments, is a must to feel at our optimal bests.

Duck & Dry is the brainchild of Yulia Rorstrom who, frustrated by the lack of accessible yet exciting everyday hair styling solutions in London, decided to go all out and create one herself. Thank you Yulia! Effortlessly cool and fabulously fun with barista-quality coffee and prosecco on offer, you will be guaranteed to feel ready to tackle your day with that post-blow-dry-feeling and a spring in your step.



Visit their beautiful King’s Road location or chat to the team to arrange a booking. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for loads of super cute beauty and lifestyle inspiration. 

P.s On Wednesday 13th May we are joining our gorgeous friends at Duck & Dry for a morning of active styling fun. Mixing yoga, beauty and style, we will be hosting an exclusive Media event.  Stay tuned for a complete wrap-up. 

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Caroline Lucey

A fitness and fashion advocate, Caroline is the founder of ActiveinStyle. With a background as a fashion & lifestyle journalist , personal trainer and PR & Communications Manager for Lorna Jane in Australia, Caroline believes that your active life can be enhanced with an activewear wardrobe that is both stylish and built for performance. With this in mind, Caroline is focused on bringing the best active brands to the UK under the ActiveinStyle umbrella. Her aim is to show women that being fit is most definitely in fashion. Dedicated to living a healthy and active life, Caroline loves going to the gym, running, walking, skiing, trying the latest fitness classes, innovations and healthy eating recipes.