When you’re invited to spend your Friday morning slogging it out on a treadmill with a bunch of really fit people, you’re more than likely to roll your eyes and humph your way there in protest. But when you find out it’s for the yet-to-open Barry’s Bootcamp East London (good news – it is now open), you instantly find yourself pulling on your leggings and lacing up your sneakers faster than lightening.

If you haven’t heard of Barry’s before, then you my friend have missed out (or been living under a rock). Considered The Best Workout in the World© and completed religiously by the who’s who of Hollywood, this place, this workout and this approach to fitness is like no other.

A signature hour-long workout consisting of 25-30 minute interval treadmill routines mixed with 25-30 minute strength combos featuring free weights, resistance bands and medicine balls. It’s designed to “shock” the body, burn up to 1000 calories and break past those personal hangups we all have when it comes to exercise.




What makes Barry’s a workout like no other is their 110% honest approach to who they are. It tries to be nothing other than Barry’s, where others have tried to emulate their success, they have only failed. The experience one gets from a Barry’s workout is more than just an hour-long sweat feast: it’s the continued motivation from the world’s best instructors who push your mind and body to new limits; it’s the loud, anthem-like music that pumps through your veins as you run your heart out; it’s the encouragement you get from your fellow treadmillers, and it’s yourself… you end up proving that you are more than capable of getting through it all without crying, vomiting or giving up (even though you so badly want to do all three).


So after all, it did turn out to be a Friday morning of fit fun sans eye-rolling, paired with matching Barry’s oversized Tees, delicious post-workout smoothies and the best gym bathroom I have ever been into. To be invited inside the walls of the hottest workout establishment in London has made me an instant worshiper of Lord Barry, and I have no doubt it will make you one too.

Despite enduring the toughest workout of my life, it was also the best. I now have a major crush on him and whilst I know it’s going to be one of those love/hate relationships, I can’t wait to see Barry and his treadmills again real soon.


3 Things To Know About Barry’s Bootcamp:



Stepping foot on a treadmill that lines a wall of mirrors can be daunting. Don’t go gung-ho from the beginning, you will need to maintain your energy and stamina. The same goes for water consumption. Drinking too much water may make you feel a little ill, so be conscious.


I am not going to lie, I sweated more in this one hour than I did in a Hot Yoga class. Utilise the beautiful bathrooms, have a shower and freshen up post-workout. You just completed a solid hour of intensity, you deserve it. They provide fresh towels, Malin + Goetz toiletries and nifty wash bags too so you won’t ever feel rushed or unprepared.


Their Fuel Bar offers up a seriously good smoothie menu featuring all of the ingredients needed to give your body some nutrient love. The Chunky Monkey Shake with peanut butter, Whey and banana is the perfect way to finish up a session with Barry.



What To Wear To a Barry’s Bootcamp:



Unless you can rock a pair of short tights, a 7/8 length is the only way to go. Look for a pair that sit nicely around the tummy and don’t fall down, as well as super supportive. Get all sporty in the Jaggad Blue Marble 7/8 Tights and prepare for battle.


Loose or fitted is fine as you need to be comfortable, but ensure it’s a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to stay cool. Also opt for a neon bright colour to standout under the dimmed lights. The Lorna Jane Lacey Excel Tank has the Barry’s Bootcamp seal of approval.


This is a no-brainer. Considering the amount you will be running, you need to ensure the girls are in place. Lorna Jane provide maximum support styles designed for seriously tough workouts. We love the hardcore edginess of their Changeover Sports Bra.


You will need lots of water to stay hydrated and motivated. When you look down at your bottle saying “Hey Girl, You’re On Fire” you can breathe a sigh of relief and say  “Hell yeah I am”. We are loving the all-new Lorna Jane inspirational 1L bottle here.


To ensure you leave nothing behind when you step foot inside Barry’s ensure your gym bag is stocked with a change of clothes, your water bottle, sweat towel and all the other little things. We can’t leave the house without our fave bag by Head – the St Moritz in White.

Barry’s Bootcamp London have 2 locations – Central (Euston) and East (Moorgate). Single Classes cost £20 or you can buy a class-pack from £57. You can discover more information on Barry’s at www.barrysbootcamp.com or follow them on Instagram or Twitter for unlimited inspiration to get moving.

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