You’ll receive a 14 days GP Nutrition Enhance Me Pack, your inside-out nutrient-boosting formula
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2016 just flew on by… It’s no surprise that we’re left feeling a bit tired jumping into ’17, with only a few days rest in between the New Year and Christmas. This year we plan to work on slowing things down by being more present through our day-to-day life, stopping to smell the roses and genuinely looking after ourselves better. We all know that good nutrition is not always the easiest or cheapest option, but it is definitely the best. AiS girls are always on the hunt for new products that will aid our path to better nutrition, so naturally when we discovered GP Nutrition we just couldn’t wait to share what it’s all about with our fitfam.

We sat down with Founder, Gabriela Peacock, to tell you a little bit more about their amazing products:

Who is Gabriela and what motivated her to create GPN?

I am a Nutritionist, with a background in fashion modelling which inspired me to understand the importance of fuelling your body correctly. So I embarked on a period of academic study to gain a degree in nutrition. I have since opened a nutritional practice, and work with clients who are time-poor with busy modern lifestyles, yet believe in taking good care of themselves. This inspired me to develop a range of programmes suitable for life on the go focusing on the most common issues I came across in clinic, which are energy and fatigue, weight management, immunity issues and skin support.



What is GPN?

Fast-paced lifestyles mean visiting a nutritionist is a luxury we can rarely find time for, so I wanted to offer people an effective alternative. We created a range of core programmes suitable for life on the go, Clean Me, Slim Me, Enhance Me, Restore Me and our protein Boost Me. It’s perfect for supporting optimal health on – the go and designed with versatility in mind, enabling you to switch programmes from week to week to match exactly how you are feeling /personal commitments.


Who benefits from it?

We believe everyone can, the demands of modern life and a lot of poor quality food means we are often not getting the nutrition we need from diet alone coupled with placing our bodies under a lot of stress. Therefore supplements can be a beneficial to supporting optimal health.


Where can we buy it?

We have our website which gives you our whole range to shop and lots of Nutritional and lifestyle information, we also have a “Diagnose Me” tool which includes Nutritional questions and directs you to the right programme for you. GP Nutrition is also in retailers like Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason’s across London and smaller boutiques such as Grace Belgravia and Sarah Chapman.



Tell us about the blend of science and beauty and the ingredients of GPN products:

Beauty really does come from within, and good nutrition supports health throughout the whole body. Each programme within the range is uniquely designed and manufactured from the highest quality ingredients in a comprehensive and complete formula to suit your needs and packaged for convenience into individual portable doses suited to life on the go. The programmes include capsules and drinks to maximize bioavailablity and absorption, and composed of naturally ‘free-from’ ingredients suitable for everyone including those with food sensitivities. meaning you get the best nutrition from the range.


Tell us which products benefit an active lifestyle?

All of the range contains antioxidants and vitamins and minerals which benefit an active lifestyle and they are designed to support the nutrients which can be lost in the hustle and busy of everyday modern life.

I love to add +Boost Me to any of the other programmes and especially when working out. Boost Me is the protein and superfood powder which acts to supercharge your results. It’s bursting with phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, combining superfood extracts with blood sugar-balancing protein powder. The Boost Me powder can be mixed into cold water or a cold juice/smoothie and stir to dissolve.

Start your journey today and let us know how your feeling after the first week. Happy shopping fitfam xx

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Krissy Derrick

Krissy is the Marketing Manager and resident Hip Hop Yoga teacher at Active in Style. She is obsessed with activewear and all things health food and fitness. When she’s not doing a HIIT or yoga class you will find her reading a good book with a cup of tea (current obsession with liquorice blend).