It’s about this time of year when ‘bikini bod’ and ‘beach ready workouts’ start popping up everywhere, but us modern day women know a little better. We don’t punish our bodies in the gym for eating what we like, reach for the detox teas to ‘cleanse’, or commit to faddy diets. Plus, when food is just too good…



Yeah. Basically, quick fixes for summer is not on the radar. While we all know consistency is key, far too often our fun filled, chaotic lifestyles take over, and the daily workouts and precise diets required to look like *that* Insta girl are just not going to happen.


All that being said, the benefits to working up a sweat, clearing your mind, and knowing you’re going to look and feel amazing on holiday is priceless, and feeling the burn doesn’t have to be a hour long trip to the gym. Just twenty-five minutes a day of HIIT training coupled with good nutrition can really make a difference.


Bonus: make this quick, effective circuit session seem like a breeze by teaming up with your best gym buddy.



The workout…

1 x minute Plank Jumps.
1 x minute reverse crunch leg throw.
1 x single leg squats.
1 x minute ball squat jumps.
1 x minute split jump rotational toss.
Repeat circuit three times with 30 seconds rest between circuits



Getting up onto the Swiss ball is probably the least elegant move you will make in the gym, but trust me, it will be worth it.

The workout

25 reps x Clap & crunch
15 reps x Low plank Pikes
15 reps x Ball pass hands to feet
25 reps x High plank knees to chest

Repeat circuit 3 times with 60 seconds rest in between sets.

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