We Try Out Methodology X

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Last week on Valentines Day (I know how to treat myself) I went to Emma Walsh’s new fitness class, Methodology X, at The Detox Kitchen Studio. 12 girls sweating it out in an intimately lead class was, funnily enough, the best V-Day I’ve had yet. Challenging, fun and just the right amount of variation of… Read more »

Love my LBL (long black leggings)

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In my opinion, I have the best job in the world – I get to wear activewear all day, everyday! Everyone knows that my style is always long black leggings, some sort of oversized jumper or jersey, paired with a leather jacket or my marl winter coat. Instead of 10 pairs of jeans, I own about… Read more »

Couples who train together…

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We are all a bit guilty of getting too comfortable when settling into a relationship – eating ice cream and watching a movie whilst snuggled up with your other half sounds all too appealing during these cold months. We’re not telling you stop the cuddles and treats, but trust us when we say it feels so much… Read more »

5 Healthy Food Swaps

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We are always looking for ways to make healthy eating easier – let’s face it, after you’ve finished work, been to the gym, showered then finally decided to cook dinner, it’s already 9pm! Having ready to cook ingredients and recipes is a dream, taking all of the planning and prep out of your week. Our… Read more »

Let’s Get Marathon Ready

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Have you signed yourself up for a marathon this year, only to realise your running style makes you look like a cross between ‘Kermit The Frog and The Six Million Dollar Man’ (Hello cheeky Friends reference)? Don’t fret. Running your first marathon can be a little nerve-racking, even running your second or third marathon can… Read more »