How to work that post-gym hair

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It’s that age old question. “What do I do with my hair after the gym/exercise?”. Sometimes washing it just isn’t necessary or viable- especially if you are limited on time or have only done a low impact workout and haven’t sweated that much to require washing it. And no-one wants to use the excuse that… Read more »

How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

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The secret to clean eating and healthy living is all about preparation and organisation. As the old saying goes “abs are built in the kitchen”, and that saying is still true for achieving a healthy and a balanced way of life. And one thing we know for sure is that prepping your meals makes this task 10x… Read more »

London Fashion Week: Your Survival Guide

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UK’s love affair with fashion is stronger than ever before, and rightly so after its been reported it’s a £27 billion industry. It’s fair to say, we just can’t get enough of it from activewear to ready-to-wear to beauty and accessories. We scroll through the #OOTD tag on Instagram, we flick through countless magazines to find the latest trends,… Read more »